Ju-jitsu Techniques

Ju-jitsu techniques place a strong emphasis on using an attacker's energy and momentum against them.  At Optimal Jujitsu we refer to this principle as "Minimum Effort - Maximum Effect".

The effectiveness of ju-jitsu is greatly due to the fact that all the techniques rely on one simple principle, that by using leverage and technique it is possible overcome virtually any opponent regardless of size or strength.

Throws (Nage-Waza)

Ju-jitsu throwing techniques are designed to enable you to use your attacker's energy and momentum against them and to your advantage.  A skilled jujitsuka can easily throw a larger and stronger opponent if attacked.

The first thing that we will teach you when you join us is how to fall safely.  Our emphasis is on self-protection in the early stages of your ju-jitsu training, including breakfalls, rolls and evasion techniques.  Then, as your confidence builds, you will receive expert tuition in throwing techniques, at a pace that you find comfortable.

For your safety, all of our training takes place on a fully matted area.

Grappling (Katame-Waza)

Ju-jitsu grappling techniques provide you with the ability to subdue and restrain an attacker on the ground.  These techniques include arm-locks, leg-locks, chokes, strangles, holds and total immobilisations.

Contrary to some perceptions, these techniques do not require a great deal of strength to perform.  We will teach you to understand the body's weak areas and how to control a stronger opponent with simple methods and minimal risk to your own safety.

For those who wish to test their skills we can also provide training and entry into local, regional and national grappling tournaments.

Strikes & Blocks (Atemi-Waza)

Atemi Ju-jitsu also includes a full range of blocks and strikes that you can employ should you need to use them (hopefully as a last resort).  We will teach you simple but powerful techniques, but more importantly, we will show you how and where to strike an attacker for maximum effect.

As well as teaching you the more well known punches and kicks we will also show you how to use everyday objects such as a bunch of keys or an umbrella to aid your defence and escape.

Again, for those who wish to test their skills in simulated combat, we can provide training and entry into local, regional and national sparring (kumite) and sport ju-jitsu tournaments.

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