Welcome to Optimal Jujitsu

AtemiJujitsu.co.uk is the internet home of Optimal Jujitsu Club, based in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England.

Ju-jitsu is a "soft-form" martial art.  It can be roughly translated as meaning the art of gentleness or adaptability.  Its power is derived by understanding body mechanics and re-directing an attacker’s own energy against them.

Because ju-jitsu techniques do not require a great deal of strength to perform, it is an ideal self defence form for smaller individuals.  This also means that it is suitable for people of all ages* and fitness levels.

You will learn to defend yourself against attackers by using wrist and joint locks, chokes and strangles, throws and pressure point techniques.  A full range of strikes, blocks and parries are also incorporated to ensure a fully rounded system of self defence.  As you progress, you will also learn simple but effective methods of neutralising stick, knife and other weapon attacks.

As well as teaching the physical techniques that can be applied in a 'last resort' situation, we place a strong emphasis on methods that can be used to avoid or defuse conflict.  This ranges from reducing the risk of danger by simply not being there (e.g. cross the road, knock on the nearest door, take a well-lit route) through to an understanding of the likely psychology of the attacker in various scenarios (which we provide via role play).

For those who may be interested, we can also provide training and entry into local, regional and national grappling competitions.  This 'ground fighting', or submission wrestling, includes techniques to pin and control your opponent, as well as making them 'tap-out' to submit.  As the majority of conflict situations end up on the floor, it pays to know how to defend yourself on the ground.

All of our training takes place on a fully matted area, in a safe and friendly environment where you can learn at your own pace.  Whether you are looking to grade in a martial art, or simply to build self confidence and learn basic self defence, everyone is welcome to come along and watch or even give it a try.

Please feel free to browse the web site via the menu on the left of the screen to find out more about Atemi Ju-jitsu and Optimal Martial Arts.  If you have any questions or would like further information, please see the 'Contact Us' page to get in touch.

*  We usually suggest a minimum age of 13 for our classes, but exceptions can sometimes be made.  Please contact us for further advice in this area if required.